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the new funny book 2
spotty writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 5
The New Funny Book #2
Only Printing / March, 1977 / 36 pages / Larry Fuller Presents

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Larry Fuller must have worried that nobody had heard of, or remembered, the first issue of The Funny Book when he published the second issue of The Funny Book, so he called it The NEW Funny Book. And I'm not sure what happened to Ray Horne of Ful-Horne Productions, but Fuller published the second issue under his new banner, Larry Fuller Presents. Maybe there was some money issue with Ful-Horne, but Ray Horne was still around, since he wrote a story for this second issue. (And his name is spelled "Raye." Could that be the true spelling of his first name? I haven't found other references that spelled his name that way.)

The New Funny Book #2 opens with a couple strips from Bob Vojtko that are mildly funny, followed by the Ray Horne story, which is about two old men who live in the same county but have never met until one fine day.... Their
convergence is rather lame and not particularly funny. Gary Figari gets off a couple decent jokes in three pages of "The Dolts" comics, which is followed by a Larry Fuller/Danny Bulanadi collaboration, "Lorok," a five-page tale of unrequited love that swipes lines from various rock songs of the era as lines of script. In a way, it's clever, but the story isn't satisfying enough to make it exceptional.

Dan O'Neill contributes a four-page Odd Bodkins story that provides some welcome ambiguity to this collection of humor, but then we get smacked by the first of several Lardo comics with transparent jokes that manage to be funny half the time. But only half. The remaining one- and two-pagers are pretty inconsequential, resulting in an average overall score for The New Funny Book #2.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted


Larry Fuller (editor) - 12-16 (collaboration), 28-29 (story)
Alex Nino - 1
Dennis Plumb - 1 (color), 36 (color)
James Davis - 2
Bob Vojtko - 3-5, 26-27, 35
Raye Horne - 6-8 (story)

Ken Macklin - 6-8 (art)
Gary Figari - 9-11, 21-23, 30-34
Danny Bulanadi - 12-16 (collaboration), 28-29 (art)
Dan O'Neill - 17-20
Reggie Macabasco - 24-25
Edna Jundis - 36