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the new funny book 3
pretty bad writing
skilled art
historical bonus 1
total score 3
The New Funny Book #3
Only Printing / July, 1978 / 60 pages / Larry Fuller Presents

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The New Funny Book #3 was intended to make people forget about the past and begin anew, as indicated in the introduction by editor Manuel Auad on the inside front cover. Auad was a legitimate evaluator of fine art, so his participation as editor in the third issue of Larry Fuller's comic was no trifling matter. Auad recruited his friend Nestor Redondo (a popular DC Comics artist at the time) to illustrate the front cover, which looks terrific despite the awful title lettering.

Auad and Fuller acquired 58 pages of comic art for this grand relaunch of the series, but unfortunately, the book delivers a disjointed range of sci-fi fantasy, cowboy adventures, Lardo strips and Vojtko jokes. About half of the book is comprised of three sci-fi fantasy stories, and all of them are pretty abysmal, despite some skilled illustrating. There's also two Western adventure-type stories and they both suck, too. It's pretty disappointing to plod your way through five multi-page comic stories and not find a winner in the bunch. And it's not because they're poorly drawn, it's because they're poorly scripted. Even the shorter comics are weak, including the lamest Vojtko jokes and Lardo stories ever.

So hiring Auad to helm the resurrection of the title not only failed to produce a decent comic book, but probably killed the series off for good. The only thing worthy of praise here is some of the artwork and Nestor Redondo's cover art. Well, I guess we can also give Fuller credit for giving the third issue his best shot. But boy, did his editor miss the mark.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted


Manuel Auad (editor) - 2 (introduction)
Nestor Redondo - 1
Unknown - 3-9
Unknown - 10-11
Gary Figari - 12-13, 37-38, 59
Duane Bibby - 14-23
Bob Vojtko - 24-25
R. Davies - 26-36
Raye Horne - 39-48
Reggie Macabasco - 49-50
Yves Regis Francois - 51-58 (collaboration)
Ian Akin - 51-58 (collaboration)
Ray Garst - 51-58 (collaboration)
Dennis Plumb - 60