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fever dreams 2nd
solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 9
Fever Dreams

2nd Printing / March, 1973 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink

First Printing July, 1972
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There are two feature stories in Fever Dreams. John Adkins Richardson leads off with "The Unicorn Quest," a finely-illustrated tale of the mythological creature. Richard Corben delivers perhaps his best underground story with "To Meet the Faces You Meet." This terrific story about space-age companionship makes Fever Dreams one of my favorite comic books and boosts the review score here by a full point on its own.
There are six printings of this comic book, all by Kitchen Sink. The first two printings have a 50-cent cover price, the 3rd and 4th printings have a 75-cent cover price, and the 5th and 6th printings have a $1.00 cover price. 1st (20,000 copies), 2nd (10,000 copies), 3rd (5,000 copies), 4th (5,000 copies), 5th (5,000 copies), and 6th (5,000 copies) printings all state their print edition on the inside front cover.
Richard Corben - 1-2, 19-34 (art)
Jan Strnad - 3-34 (story)
John Adkins Richardson - 3-18, 36
fever dreams _ feverdreams-5th
1st Printing
50-cent cover, print
edition stated on IFC.
  5th Printing
$1.00 cover, print
edition stated on IFC.