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excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 9
Slow Death #7
Back Cover
Back Cover
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Only Printing / June 1976 / 36 pages / Last Gasp
After publishing Slow Death at a fairly steady pace for the first six issues, it took Last Gasp over two years before they put out Slow Death #7. But their commitment to high-quality comics that speak unpopular truths is upheld with this "Special Issue" of true war stories.

William Stout gives us a chilling cover that sets the tone, which is made even more telling by the "Keep On Truckin'" t-shirt that the woman is wearing. Once we open the book, right off the bat, Jack Jackson delivers the savage massacre of a peaceful Cheyenne tribe in 1864, a grim preview of his future vocation as a historical documentarian. The rest of the book is not quite as gruesome, but this is a deadly serious comic that should give peaceniks plenty of ammunition in their debates with deluded hawks.
Last Gasp printed anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.
Because I feel it's important to expose this type of chronicle, I present the entire Jack Jackson story "'Nits Make Lice" in the sample pages. The story provides uncensored evidence that America has not been (and still is not) always right when it comes to its own behavior and history. This is the only multi-page story from an underground comic on this website that is presented in its entirety (thank you Jack Jackson, R.I.P.).

Ron Turner - editor
William Stout - 1, 2
Jack Jackson - 3-11
Greg Irons - 12-15, 36
John Edgar - 16-17 (art)
Ben DiCaprio - 16-17 (script)
William York Wray - 18-21 (art, script collaboration)
George DiCaprio - 18-21 (script collaboration)
Orz - 18-21 (lettering)
Errol McCarthy - 22-27
Melinda Gebbie - 28-35