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solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
Pure Joy Comix
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Only Printing / Summer, 1975 / 36 pages / Pooo Bear Productions
At about the same time George DiCaprio was editing Cocaine Comix #1, he found time to edit this little gem. George wrote the lead story here, featuring Rich Chidlaw's Wildroot character, who also appears in Cocaine Comix. In Pure Joy, Wildroot has an uproarious opening chapter to what was supposed to become a book of his own, which sadly never appeared.

Pure Joy is just getting started though, as every story in the book incorporates some sexual element or another. One highlight is "The Legend of Erica Von Klitt" by Icelandic Codpiece Comic Studio, which is about a female German fighter pilot in World War I who fucks to the death every allied pilot she encounters. The military brings in one lady-killing stud after another to defeat her, but only a hail of bullets can put this ball-busting legend out of commission.

The absurdity of that story is only surpassed by the cover story, "Valley of the Dildosaurs." In this slapsticky adventure, three men and a young woman crash a small plane on a seemingly deserted Pacific island, but soon learn it is inhabited by gigantic, menacing cocks. The story is pure camp and played for laughs, of which there are plenty.

Pure Joy is a sex comic with a funnyboner, and if not for a somewhat creepy Jim Himes strip about a lecherous gynecologist that plays just a little too real, it would be one long escapade of giggles.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.
Rich Chidlaw - 1, 3-6 (art), 23-34, 36
Art Bevacqua - 2
George DiCaprio - 3-6 (script),
Jim Himes - 7-9, 20-22
Icelandic Codpiece Comic Studio - 10-19, 36