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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Ogoth and Ugly Boot
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Only Printing / 1973 / 36 pages / H. Bunch Associates
"Ogoth and Ugly Boot" was a popular recurring feature in Bloom Publications' Nasty Tales in Great Britain in the early 1970s and after Nasty Tales folded at the end of 1972, H. Bunch gave them their own comic book under the Cozmic Comics imprint. Written by Chris Rowley and Mick Farren and illustrated by Chris Welch, Ogoth and Ugly Boot is a near-future post-apocalyptic action adventure comic featuring a pair of coarse but likeable characters.

The apocalypse that wiped out 90% of the human race was due to the release of an atmospheric bacteria that affected the nervous system like a psychedelic drug. So everyone died from "prolonged psychedelic experiences" (they got too high). The only survivors left on Earth were the 10% who were already experienced in the use of psychedelics. In England, where Ogoth and Ugly Boot takes place, survivors formed isolated tribes and battled for precious reserves of gasoline, much like in the Mad Max film series (which launched years later).

Ogoth and Boot (the "ugly" part of his name was only used in titles) are two survivors who roamed the English countryside looking into various colonies, but never joined any particular tribe. They visit old London "looking for loot," but end up getting captured by a tribe of militant black dudes. Papa George, the leader of the black tribe, offers Ogoth and Boot a job that pays "a truck fulla gas and grass." All they gotta do is kill the leader of the "Tube Boys" (a gay-dominated rival tribe) and bring back his severed head to Papa George.

Ogoth and Boot accept the assignment, which leads them to instigate a violent war between the Tube Boys and the formidable amazons from "Hot Momma's," which they hope will land them the head of the Tube Boys' leader. The plan almost works to perfection, but they can't quite control the outcome of the chaos and their treasured severed head gets blown up into bloody fragments.

The story in Ogoth and Ugly Boot is well paced and full of non-stop action, but the only interesting characters are Ogoth, Boot and Papa George. The supporting players (and there are many) are stereotypical representatives of black men, gay men and tough bitches. All this would work fine in a five-page story, but a 34-page story should have a little more depth. There are no memorable villains in the story, which means there is no compelling conflict and the characters all just move around like pawns on a chess board. The abrupt conclusion also leaves us yearning for another two or three pages to learn the outcome of Ogoth and Boot's failure to accomplish their mission. And even though Ogoth and Boot are likeable protagonists, their personalities are a little too flat to feel real or fall in love with.

Ogoth and Ugly Boot provides a brisk and engaging story that is just a bit lightweight, which is hardly a point-blank condemnation of the book. With a little more character development, this comic could have soared. As it is, it provides some amusing entertainment that might have really hooked us in if we had a bit more to chew on.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.
Chris Rowley - 1-36 (script collaboration)
Mick Farren - 1-36 (script collaboration)
Chris Welch - 1-36 (art)