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solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
No Ducks! #2
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Only Printing / February, 1979 / 36 pages / Last Gasp Eco-Funnies
The cute, family-friendly first issue of No Ducks! is followed by the second, which ramps up the vulgarity considerably and adds some truly funny writing to several stories. The book leads off with George Metzger's Star Wars parody, "Star Rats in No Ducks," which looks unlike any other Metzger strip I've read before. Pretty decent tale with a funny ending.

Hunt Emerson provides his rubberized stylings to an episode of "Large Cow Comix," and it's not bad either. Tim Boxell's "Stoned Wolf" story in this issue is measurably better than the one from the first, while Steve Leialoha provides the Moebius parody this time (Boxell did the one in No Ducks #1), and while Leialoha's imitation of Moebius' drawing style is not quite as effective as Boxell's, the story is equally good if not better.

The funniest story is Richard Larson's "Chasney Zweibach, Have Nose, Will Sniff," a brief two-pager that spoofs the hard-boiled detective genre. The lead character is a big-nosed dog that bears more than a passing resemblance to Brian from Family Guy. In fact, it would be easy to see Brian playing the smart-ass, sarcastic protagonist in this story. I still laugh every time I read the line, "What coked-up Berkeley ax-murderer sold you this plot, Larson?" The only flaw is the ending, and it's only flawed cuz it seems like it's not an ending at all.

There's a couple drab stories towards the back that prevent the book from scoring higher in this review, but when the second issue of No Ducks! makes such an unexpected quantum leap from the first, I just wish there had been a third.
Last Gasp printed approximately 10,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.
Tim Boxell - (editor), 2 (collaboration), 17-22, 36
John M. Pound - 1
Richard Larson - 2 (collaboration), 9-10, 27 (collaboration), 32-35
George Metzger - 3-8
Rand Holmes - 3-8 (one panel, not sure which one)
B.I. - 3-8 (unidentified artist, also likely to have done one panel)
Hunt Emerson - 11-16
Steve Leialoha - 23-26
Jim Schumeister - 27 (collaboration)
J. Michael Leonard - 28-31