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the funny papers 3
average writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
The Funny Papers #3
Only Printing / April, 1975 / 28 pages / Funny Papers, Inc.

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Legendary underground lawyer Albert Morse launched The Funny Papers with copublisher Sherman Saiger and editor Lydia Saiger as a monthly, full-color tabloid with a diverse array of content. With Morse's stellar reputation, he was able to recruit some of the best talent from the underground comics golden era to contribute to the paper, including Robert Crumb, Vaughn Bode, Larry Todd, Trina Robbins and Jay Kinney, among others.

The third and final issues came out in April, 1975 and was slightly more adventurous than the previous two issues. Unfortunately, it was still ultimately disposable.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this tabloid were printed. It has not been reprinted.



Please refer to the indicia to review all of the contributors to the first issue of The Funny Papers. Significant comic contributors to the three issues of the paper include:
Robert Crumb
Vaughn Bode
Larry Todd
Trina Robbins
Jay Kinney
Ted Richards
Bill Holman
Bruce Jones
Christopher Browne
Miguel Paiva
William Donahey
Winsor McCay