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food first comics
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 7
Food First Comics

1st Printing / 1982 / 28 pages / Institute for Food and Development Policy
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Food First Comics follows in the wake of Food Comix and was sponsored by the Institute for Food and Development Policy, an organization that is still very active today. The institute attempts to influence citizens and government policy by analyzing the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation, as well as developing solutions with various groups also working for social change. Leonard Rifas was a natural to work with the institution on this comic book, which critically examines world food supply and farm policy (as it stood in the early '80s).

Unlike Food Comix, the content of Food First Comics was almost entirely produced by Leonard Rifas, which means the writing is still strong but the illustration lacks creativity. Still, like Food Comix, the spirit of the messages are as accurate today as they were when the comic was published.

Beause it was published after 1980, I might move this book into the Alternative Comics section when that section is completed. But for now, I want it to be available for people researching Leonard Rifas and his output of educational comics from the mid '70s to early '80s. Perhaps this book should stay in the underground section anyway, given that Rifas' Educomics series of comics, though published with unique titles, have very similar themes and could be considered one continuous series.
There were three printings of this comic book, all by Educomics on behalf of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, and all have a $1.00 cover price. The print edition is stated for each edition on the inside front cover.
Steve Leialoha - 1,
Leonard Rifas - 2, 3-17, 20-26, 27
Larry Rippee - 18-19