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food comix
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Food Comix

Only Printing / October, 1980 / 36 pages / Educomics

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Food Comix is another valiant attempt by Leonard Rifas to educate the world (or at least comic book readers) about injustices found in our society. In this case, the injustices are found in the world's food supply and food production industry, as well as the unhealthy dietary choices made by consumers.

The comic book features two front covers and is a flip book (read half the comic and then flip the book over to read the other half). Not sure of the need for a flip book format for this comic, but it does give us two front covers (the side shown here by Harry Driggs is especially strong). Some of the statistics cited in Food Comix are outdated, but the spirit of the messages are as accurate today as they were over three decades ago when the comic was published.
Educomics printed approximately 10,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.
Leonard Rifas - (editor), 2a, 7a-11a, 12a-13a (research), 14a-15a (assistance), 1b-9b, 10b-13b (collaboration)
Harry Driggs - 1a
Tom Chalkley - 3a-6a
Tim Boxell - 12a-13a
Akira Narita - 14a-15a
Fred Schodt - 14a-15a (translation)
Robert Crumb - 16a
Moria Wright - 17a
Larry Rippee - 17a
Harry S. Robbins - 17b
Trina Robbins - 14b-16b
Steve Leialoha - 10b-13b (collaboration)