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fits 1
excellent writing
skilled art
historical bonus 2
total score 7
Fits #1
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Only Printing / 1971 / 60 pages / 7 Freds Press
Fits #1 features comic artwork from Greg Irons, Kenneth Green and, of course, Rory Hayes (who produced the cover). The magazine's title is hidden on the third page of the book, which makes it hard for some people to identify the publication by name. Fits was published by five men and women from Columbia University who had moved to San Francisco in 1970 to pursue complete freedom of expression.

In its introduction, the publishers commented (with twisted syntax) on the submissions they received from contributors: "People send us weird works porkchop publishers won't print. We want to get the different types of stuff gone on in us so we'd be all together with everyone else so it wouldn't be like we're not talking to each other, like total strangers. We're all friends! We want to be your freinds too."

Beyond the comics, highlights from this issue include a cruel yet touching poem about Marilyn Monroe from Judy Grahn; Jon and Cynthia Meyer writing about their marriage, Bell's Palsy and spinal taps; a nonsensical feminist rant by Nancy Senauke; and David Anderson's stream-of-consciousness article about the circus coming to town.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. It has not been reprinted.
Rory Hayes - 1, 48, 60
Robert Crumb - 2 (ad for Eric Fromm aka Gary Arlington)
Publishing staff - 3 (introduction), 11-15 (culled articles)
Alan Senauke - 4, 43
Jon and Cynthia Meyer - 5-8 (article)
Nancy Senauke - 7 (art), 32 (art), 35 (text and collage), 42 (art)
The Chicago Tribune - 8 (editorial cartoon by unknown artist)
Charlie Vermont - 9-10 (text and poetry)
Kenneth Greene - 16
Tom Clark - 17-21 (text and collage)
Downtown Peace Coalition - 22-23 (text)
Ron Padgett - 24-29 (collaboration), 44-45 (collaboration)
George Scneeman - 24-29 (collaboration)
Mitch Sisskind - 30-34 (script for play)
Les Gottesman - 34 (art), 53 (art)
Andrea Codrescu - 36-37 (poems)
Alice Codrescu - 36-37 (art)
Hilton Obenzinger - 38 (text and collage), 54 (poem)
Britt Wilkie - 39-40
David Anderson - 41-42 (story)
Tom Veitch - 44-45 (collaboration)
Anne Waldman - 46-47 (poetry and collage)
Lewis Marsh - 49-51 (text)
Judy Grahn - 52 (poem and collage)
Peter O'Keefe - 53 (poem)
Dick Cogswell - 54 (art), 57 (collage)
John Brown - 55-57 (story)
Greg Irons - 58
John Giorno - 59 (poem)
Simon Deitch - 60 (lettering)