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fat freddys cat 2 1st
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 9
The Adventures of Fat Freddy's Cat #2

1st Printing / February, 1977 / 52 pages / Rip Off Press

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Freak Brother Fat Freddy had a cat. The cat was featured in most of the Freak Brothers comic books from the '70s. The cat was really popular, so Gilbert Shelton and Rip Off Press put him in his own comic book. Shelton, perhaps the funniest writer in the underground, is very funny in this series, which spanned over fifteen years but only seven issues. The series was quite successful, going through many reprintings, and many of the cartoons here are still fresh and laugh-out-loud funny today.
There are ten printings of this comic book, all printed by Rip Off Press, and the early printings of the book were printed concurrently with the first issue. It is currently unknown how many copies were printed of any edition. The first seven printings are 5.25x8.25 inches big and have 75-cent cover prices. 1st printing has half-tone front cover art instead of line art on the front cover. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th printings all have line-art front cover art on the front cover. The 2nd printing has no copyright info on the back cover, but the 3rd printing has copyright info on the back cover inside a purple-colored circle. The 4th printing has copyright info on the back cover, but it is now outside of the circle. The information on printing for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions are still sketchy and there may be another printing that is currently unknown.
The 5th printing has a $1.00 cover price. The 6th printing has a $1.25 cover price. The 7th printing has a $1.50 cover price. The 8th printing has a $2.00 cover price and the comic was enlarged to 6 5/8 x 10 1/8 inches. The 9th printing has a $2.95 cover price. The 10th printing has a $3.25 cover price.

Gilbert Shelton - 1-4, 5-52 (collaboration)
Dave Sheridan - 5-52 (collaboration)
Lieuen Adkins - 5-10 (script)



2nd Printing
Line art front cover with no copyright on back cover.