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facts o life 1st
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 2
total score 8
Facts o' Life Sex Education Funnies

1st Printing / 1972 / 36 pages / Rip Off Press
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Under the guise of providing educational stories about venereal disease, birth control (including abortion) and safe sex (long before the term was coined), Facts o' Life Sex Education Funnies delivers gritty and funny stories about sex. Lora Fountain, who was Gilbert Shelton's girlfriend, edited the book and developed just the right balance of education and humor. She also included a suggested reading list and contact page at the end of the book.

There are two printings of this comic book, both by Rip Off Press. Both have 50-cent cover prices, but they are easy to tell apart. The 1st printing (unknown copies) has a matt-paper cover, uncolored beer cans, a green beach towel, and the lower left text box has a blue background. The 2nd printing (unknown copies) has a glossy-paper cover, orange-colored beer cans, a green and yellow beach towel, and the lower left text box has a white background.

Lora Fountain - editor, 8, 18-19, 33, 34-35 (text)
Gilbert Shelton - 1, 3-7 (collaboration)
Michele Brand - 2, 13
Gary Frutkoff - 3-7 (collaboration)
Robert Crumb - 9-12
Shary Flenniken - 14-17
Ted Richards - 20-23
J.A. Smith - 24
Gary Hallgren - 25-28
Bobby London - 29-32
Terry Balawejder - 36


2nd Printing
Orange beer cans,
green & yellow towel,
white text box.