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dope comix 1 1st
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 1
total score 7
Dope Comix #1
1st Printing / February, 1978 / 36 pages / Kitchen Sink
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The first issue of Dope Comix sports an exquisite Leslie Cabarga front cover featuring costumed sewer bugs engaged in pot smoking torture. The stories in the debut issue include "Quaalude 714," "The Great Marijuana Debate," "Fun With Dope," and "Little Bungo in Reefer Land." These might sound like inviting titles, but Dope Comix is clearly not designed to celebrate the joys of recreational drug use. It is designed to scare the shit out of anyone who used illicit drugs and stereotype those types of people as brain-dead morons of the lowest order.

There are four printings of Dope Comix #1, all by Kitchen Sink Enterprises. The 1st printing (10,000 copies) and 2nd printing (5,000 copies) both have a $1.00 cover price, but the print edition is stated on the inside front cover. The 3rd and 4th printings (5,000 copies each) both have a $1.50 cover price, but the print edition is stated on the inside front cover. The similar printings are difficult to distinguish without access to the IFC.
Leslie Cabarga - 1
Dan Steffan - 2, 7-9, 31-33
Steve Stiles - 3-6, 23
Sharon Kahn Rudahl - 10-11
Kim Deitch - 12-14
Denis Kitchen - 12, 15, 36
Peter Poplaski - 12, 14
Jay Lynch - 12, 13, 15
Larry Rippee - 16
Joel Beck - 17-20
Leonard Rifas - 21-22
Doug Hansen - 24-29
Ken Fletcher - 30
Howard Cruse - 34
dope comix 1 3rd
3rd Printing
$1.50 cover, states
print edition on IFC.