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dirty laundry 1 1st
solid writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 5
total score 9
Dirty Laundry Comics #1
1st Printing / July, 1974 / 36 pages / Cartoonist's Co-op Press
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Dirty Laundry Comics #1 features a single, rambling story that mixes insights on Robert Curmb's and Aline Kominsky's budding love relationship with a spaceship fantasy featuring LSD guru Timothy Leary. While the comic is unpolished in places, particularly the places where Aline got lazy with her drawing, it provides a visceral if brief portal into Robert and Aline's romance.

There are two printings of Dirty Laundry Comics #1. The 1st printing is by Cartoonist's Co-op Press and has a 75-cent cover price. The 2nd printing is by Last Gasp and has a $1.00 cover price. It is currently unknown how many copies of the 1st printing were printed, but Last Gasp printed 10,000 copies of the 2nd printing, so I would speculate that Keith Green and Cartoonist's Co-op Press printed 10,000 copies of the 1st printing.
Robert Crumb - 1-36 (collaboration)
Aline Kominski - 1-36 (collaboration)