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dan o'neill's v1n3 type a  
solid writing
competent art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories #3
Type A / 1971 / 52 pages / Company & Sons
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Dan O'Neill leaps ahead to November, 1949 with the third issue of Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories #3. The front cover art for this comic completes the trilogy of volume 1 covers, which combine to tell a little story all on their own. In this final installment, the Disneyesque bug is checking on the corpse of the pig he just murdered, but lo and behold, Mickey Mouse appears from the hillside and tosses a live grenade towards our unlucky pig-killing bug. Oh, the humanity!

For the most part, Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories vol. 1, no. 3 continues the format of the previous two issues, as it consists primarily of one 42-page Odd Bodkins story called "Hugh and Bill and Fred are Dead Dead DEAD." However, this issue does have a little more variety as eight pages of one-pagers are tossed in at the end.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic were printed. It has not been reprinted. However, like the other two issues in the first volume of Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories, there is more than one version of the single printing of the comic book. For vol. 1 no. 3, there are five versions of the front cover (according to Kennedy). The versions are differentiated by color variations in Mickey Mouse's shorts, the machine gun, and the coloring around the sun. There are also minor to major variations to other elements on the front cover. Since none of the versions are considered more rare or valuable than the other, there is no compelling need to own one version over any other or to own all five versions, even for me.
Dan O'Neill - 1-43, 45-47, 50-51, 52 (ad)
Bobby London - 44
Gary Hallgren - 48
dan o'neill's v1n3 type e
Type E
Color variations including printing plate differences.