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dan o'neill's v1n2 type a
solid writing
competent art
historical bonus 2
total score 6
Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories #2
Type A / 1971 / 52 pages / Company & Sons
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Dan O'Neill moves backwards in time with his follow-up to Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories #1, as the time stamp of January, 1948 on the first issue changes to December, 1947 for the second. The front cover artwork, however, moves forward as the same cartoonish pig in farmer overalls from the first issue appears on the second, except this time the pig drops his wolf-murdering revolver as he is slaughtered by a machine gun wielded by a Disneyesque bug.

Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories vol. 1, no. 2 continues the format of the first issue, as it consists primarily of one 47-page Odd Bodkins story called "Wanted, Dead Or Alive." The comic makes for an interesting read with all of O'Neill's plot twists and philosophical jewels.

It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic were printed. It has not been reprinted. However, like the other two issues in the first volume of Dan O'Neill's Comics and Stories, there is more than one version of the single printing of the comic book. For vol. 1 no. 2, there are two versions of the front cover. The versions are differentiated by color variations in the gun, the road, the type in the title, and the Company & Sons logo. There are many other minor variations to other elements on the front cover. Since neither version is considered more rare or valuable than the other, there is no compelling need to own one version over the other or to own both versions (except for underground junkies like myself).
Dan O'Neill - 1-48, 50-51, 52 (ad)
Bobby London - 49
dan o'neill's v1n1 type b
Type B
Color variations including printing plate changes.