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bijou 5 1st
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Bijou Funnies #5
1st Printing / December, 1970 / 36 Pages / Kitchen Sink

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Jay Lynch contributes a succinct tale of youth gone awry in the Flower Power era with "Juvenile Crime" and Skip Williamson skewers political machinery with another installment of "Class War Comix." Not to mention Justin Green's hilarious hippie satire on Little Lulu! Bijou Funnies #5 sustains the title's streak of solid undergrounds, in large part due to the continued excellence of Mr. Lynch and Mr. Williams.
There are four printings this comic book, all by Kitchen Sink Enterprises, all producing approximately 10,000 copies, and all with 50-cent cover prices. The 1st printing does not indicate which printing it is, but the 2nd, 3rd and 4th indicate their printing order on the inside front cover. It is very difficult to differentiate between the printings without access to the print indicia on the inside front cover, except that the 4th printing cover appears to have been printed with a higher volume of cyan ink than the first three editions, so the "Bijou" logo on the front cover looks more blue than in previous printings.
Jay Lynch - (editor) 2-8, 18, 24-26, 34, 35 (ad), 36
Skip Williamson - 1, 9-17, 22-23
Jim Osborne - 19-21
Robert Crumb - 27
Justin Green - 28-33

bijou 5 2nd


bijou 5 3rd _ bijou 5 4th
2nd Printing
50-cent cover, does not indicate print edition.
3rd Printing
50-cent cover, states
print edition on IFC.
4th Printing
50-cent cover, states
print edition on IFC.