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Bijou Funnies 2 Misprint
solid writing
skilled art
historical bonus 3
total score 8
Bijou Funnies #2
Misprint / September, 1969 / 36 Pages / Bijou Publishing Empire
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This printing of the cover art for Bijou Funnies #2 is missing the black ink plate, but it went through the entire bindery operation and includes all the interior pages. Because the black plate is missing, I can't check the inside covers for any of the usual differentiators between the first and second printing, but based on the trim of the cover stock, it is almost certain that this came from the first print run of the book.

Misprintings and intentional print variations were fairly common in the underground era, especially when relative novices were operating the print machinery. The fact is that some print runs were conducted by operators under the influence of booze and illicit drugs, and they often got a kick out of experimenting with the inks and the printing plates. Some collectors specialize in collecting the results of these aberrations, and while I'm not obsessed by them, they are pretty damn cool and I will pick them up when I get the chance.
There are three printings of this comic book by three different publishers, but all of them have 50-cent covers. On the inside front cover of the 1st printing (by Bijou Publishing Empire, unknown quantity), the copyright notice concludes with "Bijou Funnies is for adults only. Um Tut Sut!" The 2nd printing (by the Print Mint, 10,000 copies) does not include the "...for adults only" statement, but only the "Um Tut Sut!" conclusion. Also, the inside back cover of the 1st printing includes ads for 10 different comic books, including Zap Comix #3. The inside back cover of the 2nd printing includes ads for 20 different comic books and includes Zap Comix #4, which was not even published at the time of the 1st printing.

The 3rd printing (10,000 copies) is by Kitchen Sink and has a Kitchen Sink logo on the front cover. It is sometimes mistaken (or fraudulently sold) as the 1st printing because it states on the inside front cover "Printing number 54321. First Krupp printing November 1972."

Jay Lynch - (editor) 2, 7, 9-11, 14, 34, 35 (ad)
Skip Williamson - 1, 3-6, 8, 31
Robert Crumb - 12- 13, 36
Art Speigelman - 15, 20, 24- 25
Jim Osborne - 16- 17
Gilbert Shelton - 18-19, 21, 27
John Thompson - 22- 23
Scott Minor - 24-25 (collaboration)
Camille Minor - 24-25 (collaboration)
Rory Hayes - 26
Paul Filth - 28
Kim Deitch - 30
Jay Kinney - 32-33
not scanned


bijou 2 2nd _ bijou 2 3rd
1st Printing
50-cent cover,
"Um Tut Sut" on IFC.
2nd Printing
50-cent cover,
inside back cover ad
has 20 titles.
  3rd Printing
50-cent cover
first Krupp printing.