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american splendor 6
solid writing
exceptional art
historical 3
score 8
American Splendor #6

Only Printing / 1982 / 60 Pages / Harvey Pekar

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American Splendor #6 gets off to a great start with "Ripoff Chick," a story about Harvey's brief relationship with a pretty blonde. The next several stories are kinda weak, though "Read This" is a pretty solid tale about a record collector who helps Harvey move into a new apartment. Near the end of the comic is an interesting story about a woman Harvey knew in high school and meets again twenty years later.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. Pekar was known to have printed approximately 5,000 copies of early issues of the book, which likely includes this issue. It has not been reprinted.
Harvey Pekar - 1-60 (stories)
Gerry Shamray - 1 (art), 18-28 (art)
Michael T. Gilbert - 2 (art), 15-17 (art), 57-59 (art)
Gary G. Dumm - 3-14 (art collaboration), 29-34 (art collaboration), 35-36 (art), 60 (art collaboration)
Greg Budgett - 3-14 (art collaboration), 29-34 (art collaboration), 60 (art collaboration)