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american splendor 3
brilliant writing
exceptional art
historical 3
score 10
American Splendor #3

Only Printing / 1978 / 60 Pages / Harvey Pekar

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The opening story in the third issue is the hilarious “Standing Behind Old Jewish Ladies in Supermarket Lines,” illustrated by R. Crumb. It's one of the funniest monologue comic stories I've ever read and perhaps my favorite Pekar story of all time. That classic is followed by two stories that aptly sum up Pekar's life at the time: “Awakening to the Terror of a New Day” and “Awakening to the Terror of the Same Old Day.” In “Getting Adjusted,” Harvey chats at length with a woman who moved with her family from San Francisco to Cleveland. No doubt, this is Pekar at his peak and certainly one of the best issues in entire series.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. Pekar was known to have printed approximately 5,000 copies of early issues of the book, which likely includes this issue. It has not been reprinted.
Harvey Pekar - 1-60 (stories)
Greg Budgett - 1 (art collaboration), 8-29 (art collaboration), 40-41 (art collaboration), 55 (art collaboration)
Gary G. Dumm - 1 (art collaboration), 2 (art), 8-29 (art collaboration), 30-40 (art), 41-42 (art collaboration), 49-54 (art), 55 (art collaboration), 60 (art)
Robert Crumb - 3-7 (art), 43-48 (art), 56-59 (art)