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american splendor 10
excellent writing
exceptional art
historical 3
score 9
American Splendor #10

Only Printing / 1985 / 60 Pages / Harvey Pekar

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The first half of American Splendor #10 features the usual stories about co-workers and snippets of Harvey's life. The second half is mostly about Harvey's third marriage, to a woman named Joyce Brabner, who co-writes the story that introduces her in American Splendor. There are three stories after that introduction, all of which reveal how Joyce affects Harvey's life as he settles into his mid-forties.
It is currently unknown how many copies of this comic book were printed. Pekar was known to have printed approximately 5,000 copies of early issues of the book, but that may have changed for later issues. This issue has not been reprinted.
Harvey Pekar - 1-24 (stories), 25-38 (story collaboration), 39-60 (stories)
Joyce Brabner - 25-38 (story collaboration)
Val Mayerik - 1-2 (art), 25-38 (art), 54-58 (art)
Bill Knapp - 3-18 (art), 42-51 (art)
Mitch Sonoda - 19-23 (art)
Joe Zabel - 24 (art)
Gary Dumm - 39-43 (art), 60 (art)
Bill Crook - 59 (art)