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abortion eve




writing excellent
art mediocre
bonus 3
score 7
Abortion Eve

Only Printing / November, 1973 / Nanny Goat Productions
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Abortion Eve is historically significant for its frank portrayal of women grappling with the issue of unwanted pregnancies and the potential solution of abortion. The artwork by Lyn Chevely (aka Chin Lyvely here) and Joyce Sutton (later Joyce Farmer or Joyce Farmer Sutton) is rather weak, but the story provides fascinating insights on the physical process and emotional impact of abortion. While there is no question the book is strongly pro-choice, the creators incorporate several messages advocating conventional birth control. This comic is as relevant today as when it was published in 1973.

More than three decades after its publication, Abortion Eve is still cited and quoted by pro-life organizations to make their point about the callousness and cruelty of abortion. Whatever your stance on abortion, you can rest assured that the procedure will be around as long as women get pregnant; whether an abortion is performed legally in a medical facility or illegally in an unsterile alleyway hovel (or germ-laden kitchen or bathroom). I have no objection to any organization that provides balanced counseling to pregnant women that includes options for adoption or single motherhood, but ultimately the decision to have a baby and provide it with a loving home for 18+ years is up to the woman who must make that enormous commitment.

Nanny Goat Productions printed approximately 20,000 copies of this comic book. It has not been reprinted.
Lyn Chevely - 1-36 (script)
Joyce Sutton - 1-36 (art)